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Don't throw away your old box of Thread Heaven® when you buy a new one. It still has many uses! 
Bookingbinding & 
Paper Arts
Tips & Tricks  Thread Heaven can help with many projects
Double Thread : Thread your needle before coating your thread with Thread Heaven®. Give the needle a couple of twists... 
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A coating of Thread Heaven® will help protect binding thread from the acids and chemicals found in many specialty papers. >>> more
Coat raffia with Thread Heaven® to make it more flexible and prevent breaking. Use for making Raffia baskets, rugs, wall hangings, etc...
Cross Stitch & Appliqué
To help multiple strands of floss lay smooth, separate the strands before coating them with Thread Heaven® and coat each one individually. 
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A coating of Thread Heaven® on silk, rayon, and other specialty threads will keep them from fraying. Faggoting, hemstitching, bound button holes, etc., will be accomplished easier and with more professional looking results. 
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  Thread Heaven® reduces fraying & tangling in any thread, but is particularly effective for taming hard-to-use threads like 
    silk, rayon, metallic threads and blending filament. 
  Coating thread with Thread Heaven® serves a double purpose: to make it easier to complete your project AND to increase the 
    lifetime of your finished work. 
  Thread Heaven® will last longer if it is periodically removed from its box and turned over to expose a clean surface. You may 
    need to use the tip of your scissors to gently pry it from its box the first time, after that, it will be easy to remove. Turn it on its side 
    and press it back into the box leaving the surface slightly above the rim.
To help multiple strands of floss lay smooth, separate the strands before coating them with Thread Heaven® and coat each one individually. 
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Fly Tying
Thread Heaven® is extremely buoyant. Use it on both waxed and unwaxed thread to make tying easier and insure your flies will stay on the surface of the water. 
When knitting in the round, coat the center section of your needle with Thread Heaven® and your stitches will slide easily from end to end. 
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Hand Sewing
You never need to worry again about having the right color thread for shortening hems in ready-to-wear garments. Just "unravel" the chain-stitched hem...
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Machine Sewing
Use Thread Heaven to reduce skipped stitches and broken thread in high speed sewing like machine embroidery.
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A coating of Thread Heaven® on stiff quilting threads makes them softer and more pliable. 
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