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Testing of Thread Heaven product

Testing for protection from environmental conditions

Note: This is a sampling of the types of tests conducted on Thread Heaven. It is not intended to represent the entire body of testing, nor were these premises the only ones tested. For more on the Health & Safety Info.

First Premise: (the claim the test is intended to support or refute): 
That a coating of Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner extends the life expectancy of thread.

Test 1:
One half of a length of floss, supplied directly from the manufacturer for test purposes, was treated with a coating of Thread Heaven. The other half was left untreated. Only one length of floss was used so that there would be no question of different dye lots, age, etc. The floss was then subject to continual, intense UV sunlight simulation. It was observed, but left undisturbed until one half showed deterioration to such an extent that it would be considered unusable. In other words, to have exceeded its life expectancy under conditions of extreme exposure to sunlight.

The result
At the point in the test where the untreated floss had lost color and become brittle to the point of being unusable, the half coated with Thread Heaven remained virtually unaffected. This same test was performed on hundreds of different threads and in each case the result bore out the premise.

Test 2:
The initial procedure was the same, one half coated, one half uncoated, only this time the thread was placed in a container designed to foster the growth of mold/mildew. Again, the sample was observed but left undisturbed until significant growth was noted. The result: The untreated half showed the growth of mold/mildew, the treated side showed none. Again, the premise was supported.


The major floss manufacturer considers the average life expectancy for its thread to be between 5 - 25 years. (5 for something that will get hard use and lots of washing, like cross-stitch on a baby bib, 25 for something with next to no actual use, like a picture.) Also, they say that by far the single greatest factor contributing to the breakdown of their thread is "drag", the friction that occurs along the thread surface as it is pulled in and out, in and out, of the fabric during the original construction of the piece, not what it will encounter after it is finished. While we still don't know, with absolute certainty, what conditions will be at play 100 or 200 years from now, we DO know that any of your current projects will have a better chance of still being around then if you reduce thread drag during their construction.

Second Premise: That Thread Heaven reduces thread drag.

Test 3:
An independent lab tested Thread Heaven coated, wax coated, and uncoated threads to determine the friction coefficient (the amount of resistance or as we call it, "drag" on the thread) using a linear reciprocating tribometer, an instrument specifically designed to measure friction and wear. Many combinations of thread, beads, and fabrics were tested, too many to cite here, but in all cases the results were similar.
Here is one example: The combination tested was size B nylon beading thread through size 11 seed beads.

The test produced friction coefficients as follows:

Thread Heaven coated thread: .05

Uncoated thread: .2

Wax coated thread: .35

In other words, there was 400% less friction produced by Thread Heaven treated thread than uncoated thread, and 700% less friction than wax coated thread!

Testing has been ongoing since the product was first introduced in 1995. Our first tests were directed at the types of thread used by beaders, next we tested the threads, dyes, fabrics and battings used by quilters, then on to hand sewing and dress making, and lastly the myriad threads, fibers, and fabrics used by stitchers. In each case we waited until our testing was complete before we marketed our product to that craft. For that reason, some crafters may think Thread Heaven is a new, untested product that has only been around for a number of months, but testing first began early in 1994.
Testing Results
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