Directions for using Thread Heaven...
the long version!

Thread Heaven can be easily removed from its container, but we suggest using it right from the box.

Cut along the dotted line on the right side of the label. Don't cut the other side; it will act as a hinge. (If your label doesn't have a dotted line, proceed to step two).

Using your thumb or forefinger, press one end of a length of thread into the conditioner and pull it across. Use enough pressure to embed the thread as you pull it through so that it is coated on all surfaces. (see Photo 1)

Now pull the thread between your thumb and forefinger, slowly and firmly, to stretch the thread and remove kinks. Notice how slick and smooth your thread feels! (see Photo 2)

Pull the thread between your finger and thumb a second time, only this time pull it through quickly with light pressure. This will cause the creation of a small static charge which forces the thread tails apart, drastically reducing the main cause of thread knots!

If your thread is extremely kinky, wrap it around a pencil, place your thumb on top of the thread, and pull. The ridges on the pencil will increase the pressure and aid in straightening the worst wrinkles. (see Photo 3)

Over time, the surface of your Thread Heaven may become embedded with tiny fibers. If this happens, use the tip of your scissors to push Thread Heaven away from the edge of the box. Take it out, turn it over, and it is like new again!

Step 1
Photo 1
Step 2
Photo 2
Straightening the worst wrinkles
Photo 3
Turning Thread Heaven over
Photo 4


Occasionally beading, macramé flytying and other crafts require a “sticky” thread, but you can still protect your thread ensuring longer thread life if you coat your thread with Thread Heaven first and then apply the wax coating.

The same is true if you are using a pre-waxed thread; a coating of Thread Heaven will give your pre-waxed thread additional protections from UV, mold, and mildew.


Thread Heaven can help prevent thread breakage and skipped stitches, especially when used with silk, rayon and metallic threads.

BOBBIN METHOD:(preferred)
Pinch off a piece of Thread Heaven and hold it against one of the bobbin winding thread guides so that the thread is coated as the bobbin is being wound.

OR, Lower threaded needle directly into Thread Heaven. Pick up enough to fill the needle eye; thread will be coated as it passes through the needle. Repeat when supply in needle eye has been used.

OR, pinch off a piece of Thread Heaven and place it in one of the threading guides, preferably after the tension mechanism.

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