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About Thread Heaven
Thread Heaven is the only product created specifically to treat thread
Many products have been adapted from their intended uses to condition thread to make it 
easier to work with, but Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner & Protectant was conceived and
developed specifically to make thread more manageable, eliminate the negative side effects of
wax products, AND extend the lifetime of the finished work many years longer than untreated or wax treated threads. Thread heaven is absolutely unique, it is guaranteed to work, and it is the only thread conditioner, ever, to be patented. 

Thread Heaven extends the lifetime of thread & finished product
Thread Heaven extends the lifetime of your projects two ways: First by cutting down the stress
and drag on your thread while you are making the piece, and second, by leaving an invisiable, but virtually impenetrable coating that protects against environmental hazards like UV rays, mold and mildew.
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Unlike wax, Thread Heaven does not melt or freeze
Thread Heaven is a synthetic chemical compound that will not freeze or melt like waxes do. Thread Heaven can be left in the sun and needlework made with Thread Heaven treated thread can be dried in a dryer and ironed without fear that the coating will melt and bleed onto the fabric. At temperature above 600 degrees, Thread Heaven simply evaporates.  Back to chart

Thread Heaven protects against UV rays, mold or mildew
A coating of Thread Heaven actually deflects UV rays, unlike wax coatings which melt or crumble away with repeated exposure. This means that dyes that would normally fade or take on a yellow, green, or bluish cast from exposure to sunlight are uneffected.Thread colors remain bright and true for many more years than waxed or untreated threads. Additionally, the Thread Heaven coating provides a moisture barrier which stops the growth of mold and mildew. 
For more information about our testing.   Back to chart

Thread Heaven is the only product that uses static electricity 
to reduce tangling & knotting
This characteristic is absolutely unique to Thread Heaven and is the main reason it works so much better than any other product! When a Thread Heaven treated thread is quickly pulled between your thumb and finger, the friction causes a slight charge of static electricity to occur along the shaft. When the needle is threaded, the main thread and the tail, having a similar charge, are forced apart making it very difficult for them to get tangled. Even if you do accidently pass your needle through a loop and get a knot, you will find it almost literally unties itself, especially if you give the thread a good shake, because the threads are trying very hard to get away from each other!  Back to chart

Thread Heaven is both acid free & non-toxic
None of the chemicals used to produce Thread Heaven are acidic or toxic. The PH of Thread
Heaven is 7. For further Health and Safety information.  Back to chart

Thread Heaven reduces the friction known as thread drag
Two to three times more damage is done to thread during the process of making a piece than it will encounter during the rest of its entire lifetime, whether from wear, laundering, or environmental conditions. The damage occurs from the continual pulling of the thread in and out of the work. Waxes produce a sticky coating which means more force is required to pull the thread, causing additional stress on the fibers. This is really compounded when more than one thread pass is required and the thread is pulled “sticky against sticky”! Thread Heaven produces a very smooth, slick coating which actually reduces the stress, and because the threads repell each other (see Uses Static.....above) they never actually touch, even when multiple passes are required!  Back to chart ​
Thread Heaven can be laundered & ironed without staining or 
marking thread or fabric
Because Thread Heaven is a non-reactive (inert) compund, it will not be effected by detergent,
fabric softener, or even bleach. Threads that have been well treated with Thread Heaven will
“bleed” much less onto other threads and fabric. And because it doesn’t melt, Thread heaven can
be washed in hot water, dried in the dryer, and ironed.  Back to chart

Thread Heaven has been extensively tested for use on all types of thread or fabric
The Thread Heaven formula was extensively tested during its development, and reworked where
necessary, to assure that only desirable characteristics were retained, and that it acheived its
intended purpose. Independent consumer labs have tested Thread Heaven as well, and we
continue to test and re-evaluate the results as new uses for Thread heaven are found.
Thread Heaven was designed for both machine and hand use.  Back to chart

Thread Heaven is designed for machine as well as hand sewing
It markedly reduces thread breakage and skipped stitches when sewing with metallic, silk, and rayon threads, 
and when sewing at high speeds, like machine embroidery. Thread Heaven will never “gum up” machine
parts, in fact, because of its lubricating properties, it is actually good for them. CAUTION: Using
Thread Heaven should never be considered a subsitute for regularly cleaning and lubricating your
machine! Visit our How to Use page for more information on using Thread Heaven with your sewing
machine.  Back to chart
Unlike wax, Thread Heaven will not break down
Thread Heaven will never become flaky or crumbly due to age as waxes do. Occasionally, with
Thread Heaven that has been extensively used, small bits will adhere to the thread along with the
coating because small amounts of body oil have accumlated preventing the surface from “healing”.
This is easily remedied by removing Thread Heaven from its container and turning it over to
expose a new surface. Visit our How to Use page for more about keeping Thread heaven in
prime shape.  Back to chart

By reducing friction, Thread Heaven reduces hand and wrist fatigue
Unlike sticky wax coatings, the Thread Heaven coating is extremely smooth and slick. The thread
moves through the works with much less drag than even uncoated thread, so the needle can be
held with a much looser grip.... less pinching means more stitching before your hand starts to tire
and cramp. Also, when you tightly pinch the needle, the stress is transferred to your wrist, so a nice
loose hold on the needle reduces wrist fatigue as well.  Back to chart

Thread Heaven is NOT a petroleum product
Thread Heaven is a synthetic chemical compound. It is not a petroleum product, nor does it use
any petroleum products in its formulation. It is catagorized, by the chemical industry, as a synthetic
silastic polymer.  Back to chart

Thread Heaven is the best product available for reducing tangling & fraying
As the chart shows, all the products we’ve compared help to reduce thread tangling, but Thread Heaven 
does it better and longer, and with many additional benefits, and none of the drawbacks of the other products!
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 Thread Heaven is a registered TM with Product Patent  •  Copyright 2015 Adam Beadworks
"Jane Townswick loves a product that conditions thread so it will slide through fabric like butter, with hardly any wear and tear. Simply run a strand of thread over the surface of THREAD HEAVEN conditioner to coat it with a silky smooth layer, and then watch snarls and tangles melt away!" 
- Rodale's Succesful Quilting Library: Best All Time Tips
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