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Health & Safety Testing Info.
Health & Safety
Testing Info.
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 Thread Heaven is a registered TM with Product Patent  •  Copyright 2014 Adam Beadworks
Prior to initial sales, Thread Heaven was tested by both the primary chemical manufacturer and an independent testing lab. U. S. FDA, OSHA Standard, EPA, Toxic Substance Control Act, and OSHA Hazard & Danger Communication Standard 29CFR requirements and guidelines were followed throughout. Where applicable, National Fire Protection Assoc., and Cal. State Health and Safety Standards Act guidelines were also used. No Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is required for this product.

EXPOSURE TESTING: All testing was conducted on three levels:

  •  Limited exposure (general usage)
  •  Long-term exposure (production personnel)
  •  Repeated exposure (handlers, distributors, sellers)

Testing was conducted in the following categories:

  •  Eye contact
  •  Ear Canal contact
  •  Skin contact
  •  Inhalation (material)
  •  Inhalation (fumes)
  •  Ingestion

Tests revealed NO ADVERSE EFFECTS in any of the above categories with the following exceptions:

  1. Swallowing large amounts may cause short-term digestive discomfort—no first aid is required.

  2. Repeated, long-term exposure to the eyes may result in mild redness and/or dryness similar to windburn. 
      Clear water or eye-drops will relieve the condition. No first aid is required.

   NOTE: Only production employees are likely to experience this degree of exposure.

Tests were conducted to detect the presence of the following components know to be hazardous to 
the health of humans:

  •  Carcinogens
  •  Teratogens
  •  Mutagens
  •  Reproductive Toxins
  •  Sensitizers

Testing determined “None Present” in all of the above categories.

Additional tests were performed in the following categories:

  •   Environmental Impact
  •   Disposal and Decomposition Requirements
  •   Toxicological Implications

Submit your request in writing, (original documents and signature only accepted). State your intended use of our product, 
why you consider safety issues may arise, and your intended use of any information we furnish to you concerning product composition, and/or manufacturing processes. Please be thorough and specific. 
Thread Heaven is a "Registered Trademark" and has a privately held "Product Patent".

Submit documents to:

Adam Beadworks
Research & Dev. Dept
P.O. Box 2476
Guerneville, Ca. 95446

Phone: 707-869-2556
FAX: 707-869-0676
E-mail: adambead@threadheaven.com