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Adam Beadworks manufactures Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner & Protectant ®. 

We are a family owned & operated partnership doing business since 1996. We sell Thread Heaven directly to established wholesalers, and through distributors in the United States & Worldwide.

Contact us at:
   Adam Beadworks
   P.O. Box 2476
   Guerneville, CA 95446-9742

   Phone: (707) 869-2556
   Fax: (707) 869-0676

   547 South Avenue
   Santa Rosa, CA 95407
About Adam Beadworks

My name is Roni Hennen. I developed Thread Heaven -Thread Conditioner and Protectant, a product created to both reduce thread tangling and fraying, and at the same time, to protect the integrity of the thread . If you would like to know why and how, please read on......

I have been an avid beader for many years, and when, in the early 1990's, beading experienced a resurgence in popularity, I began teaching as well. I was often dismayed when some of my students, particularly children, or older students whose eyesight was not what it once was, or whose hands had started to stiffen a bit, became frustrated because of the tangling, knotting and fraying associated with beading thread.

I discouraged them from using beeswax to coat the thread because I was aware of the destructive effect it had on the thread itself; as frustrating as the tangling and fraying were, it was worse to see a piece start falling apart after a few months when the wax that was holding the frayed thread together began to break down.

I felt that beaders, whether new to the craft or old vets, would benefit if these problems could be controlled, so I began experimenting with established products. I tried everything from Vaseline®, to ChapStik®, to WD-40®, with results from disappointing to disastrous. All had side effects that would prove detrimental to the thread in the long run. It wasn’t their fault; like beeswax, they were never intended to be a thread conditioner. So I decided to invest the time, and money to develop a totally new product; one that would not only make beading easier, but would protect the integrity of the thread during the process.

I hired a chemist and lab time, and after about year of experimenting, the Thread Heaven formula was developed. Not only did it meet my expectations, it far exceeded them by adding a level of protection to the thread that extends its lifetime many times over! Equally important, it became evident that Thread Heaven would be beneficial to any craft that used thread, not just beading.

Because of its unique abilities, the Thread Heaven formula was granted its own patent, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Thread Heaven is a registered TM with product patent.
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 Thread Heaven is a registered TM with Product Patent  •  Copyright 2015 Adam Beadworks

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